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Karmic Patterns Series, for More Trees than People!! Exhibition presented with Project Art Distribution, SoHo, NYC October 28th, 2023
These works are made with acrylic, gouache, and crayon on watercolor paper mounted on wood panel, they are each 5in x 7in.

In August of 2023, five city based visual artists and two musicians came together to spend three days sleeping, cooking, showering, resting and otherwise living outside in the woods of Upstate New York to make the work for More Trees Than People!!  With our physical conditions upended cognitive shifts soon followed. The work created during these three days, and in the time since, reflect the ability of artists to adapt and thrive when parameters are changed. Specifically, this work presents seven different takes on a single place. Most of the artists had never been to this land, yet formed a deep relationship with it. The idiosyncrasies of each work, and each artist’s approach, highlight the generosity of non-humancentric landscapes as places that make space for novel ideas and ways of creation. Once back in our familiar working conditions, we metabolized our profound experience with this place and with each other into the objects presented in this show.  When transported to P.A.D these objects create a space to consider the poetics of the woods and the politics of SoHo, and serve as portals to a place where there are many more trees than people.

P.A.D. is an art exhibition space in historic SoHo (South of Houston) Arts District in New York City. It reflects the bustling economy of artists making, selling and promoting their artworks on the street year-round, weather permitting. The aim of the space is to platform small and editioned works by artists that are interested in embracing new contexts for exhibiting.